General English

Apple Study Group (ASG) provides high quality English language tuition and accommodation for overseas students who wish to study and live in Sydney.

ASG provides opportunities for students to successfully engage with the local community and culture, as well as socialize with students from other countries. ASG believes that students have greater learning success when they feel part of the community in which the language is spoken.

ASG courses are designed to improve students’ general language skills while experiencing an Australian lifestyle. By helping students to achieve their goals, ASG contributes to the successful development of their personal and professional lives. With the development of ASG Pathway courses, students can realize their goals of entering Australian tertiary institutions and higher education.

ASG has an extensive student support network which includes placing students in carefully selected accommodation, counseling students on their best study options both within and after ASG, supplying information on local and national cultural attractions, assisting with legal and immigration requests and providing personal assistance and advice.

In its professional interaction with industry partners such as other language institutions, accrediting bodies, government and the wider community, ASG aims to participate both responsibly and creatively. ASG seeks to grow in its role as a successful business in both the ELICOS sector and the wider community through its active participation in educational and civic organizations and its underlying commitment to meeting students’ learning needs.
We believe that communication is fundamental to all successful human relationships and that language is best learnt in the community to which it belongs. In providing high quality courses in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ASG provides an excellent learning environment in which students can study and grow.

“If you are looking for a strong learning environment with high academic objectives, take a bite of Apple”

Apple’s General English program is designed with a view to:

  • Improving your English communication skills
  • Entry into the Apple EAP program
  • Opening doors to better employment opportunities
  • Travelling in Australia

Apple’s GE Program teaches you how to function well in an English speaking environment and how to be confident and successful in the areas of life that matter – professional and personal;

  • Developing professional and personal relationships – job interviews, formal and informal presentations, giving and understanding opinions, meeting and chatting with new people
  • Understanding and creating documents – letters, proposals, emails, advertisements, schedules
  • Learning about Australia – learn all about this beautiful country, its people and places to go

You will be assessed throughout the course on your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and your understanding and use of grammar and vocabulary. Formal assessment is conducted at the end of every five weeks. A progress report is provided to you every five weeks to help both you and your teachers in monitoring your course progress.

  • Course Information

    NameGeneral English (GE)
    Course duration1-50 weeks
    CRICOS CODE068576J
    Tuition fee$290/week
    Lower Intermediate
    Upper Intermediate
    Entry requirementsNo specific entry requirements

  • Sample timetable General English Program

    AM shift

    8:30am - 10:45amLesson 1Lesson 1Lesson 1Lesson 1
    10:45am - 11:00amBREAKBREAKBREAKBREAK
    11:00am - 2:00pmLesson 2Lesson 2Lesson 2Lesson 2

    PM shift

    4:30 pm - 7:00 pmLesson 1Lesson 1Lesson 1Lesson 1
    7:00 pm - 7:15 pmBREAKBREAKBREAKBREAK
    7:15 pm - 9:45 pmLesson 2Lesson 2Lesson 2Lesson 2

I am the Marketing coordinator from Brazil and I take care of reception for ASG students. If you are Brazilian I can help you with prices, courses and translate for you here at school. For all English students I am always available to help you too!

Mariana Klemp, Marketing Coordinator – Brazil

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