Trainees and Apprentices

Are you returning to the workforce after a long break, maybe bringing up a family?

SSBT can give you the confidence and skills you need to get back into the workforce, give you help with your career direction and new vocational skills.

Retraining for a new start or a new career?

Are you already well qualified but looking for training to take you further?

Have you recently arrived in Australia and need to have your overseas qualifications recognised?

We can help you build on your existing qualifications.

The Australian job market has now realised the value of a mature age worker. The numbers of young people entering the workforce is declining and many employers are facing skill shortages. It is projected that 85% of labour market growth between 2002 and 2012 will be from workers over 45 years of age. The experience, knowledge and skills you have gained over the years are more of an asset than you may realise. SSBT can help you to make the most of what you already have, take advantage of the opportunities that are out there right now, and take the next step towards a successful future.

Recognition of Prior Learning

For more information check our Skills Recognition Policy


If you already have a wealth of work and study experiences, these skills may be assessed and recognised for your current study. This means you don’t have to re-learn what you already know? and you may be able to finish a course in less time.

How to get a traineeship and apprenticeship

A traineeship and apprenticeship is a job combined with structured training. You must first find an employer who agrees to employ you as a trainee.

It will be necessary to contact an Australian Apprenticeships Centre to establish the traineeship and apprenticeship.

For more information on traineeship and apprenticeships or the location of your closest Australian Apprenticeships Centre, visit the State Training Services, skilling for the future website or call 13 38 73.

Benefits to the Trainee

The benefit for a trainee is that they acquire valuable work experience and a nationally recognised qualification. By undertaking your studies with SSBT, you will be able to fit your study program into your workplace schedule.

During your studies, SSBT will be able to provide you with support by phone, mail, fax, email, and through the site visits.

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