Counseling Services

Personal counseling

We understand students may require assistance in any number of issues which may be directly or indirectly involved with their studies. For any specific needs we have staff to listen to your problems, to assist where necessary and to guide accordingly. During office hours our students can see our Student Contact Officer on counseling issues, SSBT also have arrangements in place where students will have access to professional personal counseling.

Academic Counseling

We have monitoring systems in place to identify the students who are facing difficulties in making successful progress in the course. These students will be monitored carefully and we offer an academic counseling service. We assist our students to complete their course. Our Training Administrator are available for the students to discuss their academic issues.

It has been a great honour to work at a prestigious school. I am an Accounts Officer, Work Health and Safety Officer and a First Aid Officer. I believe all students need a strong educational foundation as well as dependable support. This is something we offer as part of our student services. My goal is to provide supportive services to all students from all cultures.

Minnie Estrada, Accounts Officer

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